National Report Card on Adult Financial Literacy

2016 National Report Card on Adult Financial Literacy

Champlain College’s mission is to ensure that our students become skilled practitioners, effective professionals and engaged global citizens. We view personal finance literacy as a critical component of helping our students develop—so much so, that we make personal finance education a requirement for graduation.

This report highlights the urgent need for people of all ages, economic situations and backgrounds to better understand how to manage their money and develop lifelong habits necessary for a healthy financial life.

As you will see from the data presented in this report—compiled from a broad spectrum of public and private sources—too many adults in our country lack the necessary skills to make good choices when it comes to saving for the future, buying a car or a home, and planning for retirement.

This report contains vital information that our policymakers, educators and legislators can use to take steps to ensure that Americans are prepared to make sound financial decisions and plan for retirement.

Is your state making the grade?

Download full report [PDF, 6mb]