Consumer Finance Protection Bureau Recognition

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau just released a publication entitled:  “Advancing K-12 Financial Education: A Guide for Policymakers.”  The Guide refers to the Center eight times (see:

  • Page 14:  VT Financial Literacy Task Force
  • Page 24:  2013 National Report Card
  • Page 27:  VT Financial Literacy Summit and VT Financial Literacy Task Force
  • Page 31:  2013 National Report Card
  • Page 39:  VT Teachers Financial Literacy Summer Institute
  • Page 45:  Awesome Island Game
  • Page 61:  VT High School Pilot Program

From the CFPB Web site:

This resource guide is meant to help connect policymakers with tools, information, and insights to enhance K-12 financial education efforts. While the guide is targeted at policymakers, the guide was designed to benefit all members of the financial education community. The guide’s framework for advancing K-12 financial education has three main sections: laying the groundwork, building the initiative and extending the impact.

Each section contains guiding questions for policymakers to consider, case studies, and a resource directory with additional information. While each circumstance is unique and may require different approaches, policymakers can use the guide as a resource to identify the best approach for their community.

Additional information from CFPB

CFPB Launches Nationwide Effort to Advance Financial Education in Schools

CFPB Publishes Resource Guide for Policymakers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that it is launching a nationwide effort to advance financial education in schools. The Bureau is publishing “Advancing K-12 Financial Education: A Guide for Policymakers,” a resource guide which contains strategies for furthering the development and implementation of financial education in states. Helping consumers build financial capability is an integral part of the CFPB’s mission. (READ MORE)